About Us

Who Are We?

www.canonijcommsetup.com is technical support service provider. Our vision is to provide world class tech support service to ease and make simpler the life of an average computer/device user and to make using devices a happy experience. We achieve this by constantly evolving, learning and up skilling ourselves and cater to all support-related needs of our users.

Our Team

Our team comprises of excited and certified Techies, Content, Marketing, SEO and Design people. What binds us, you ask? Our love for Gadgets and the smile we bring on your face when we resolve your issues.

What We Do?

www.canonijcommsetup.com works towards giving users a one-stop-shop to get all their technical related answers. Right from assisting you to select a right device and the nitty-gritty’s like blue screen errors, wireless configuration, Paper jams, spool errors and trivia, you can plan all elements of your seamless support here. We’ll be your friend, theorist and direct with dependable information for every tech issues you go through and fix it with ease and make your lives simple and stress-free.