Canon G6020 Printer Setup

Canon G6020 Mega Tank All-In-One Printer gives you an exceptional value, an integrated ink tank system, and much more. Beside with this, the Canon G6020 supports Windows, Mac, Android, and Ios devices. Furthermore, it is an outstanding printing for personal as well as professional use. Though, the users will have to carry out the canon printer setup process. Consequently, the users are recommended to follow the steps provided below to whole the canon G6020 printer setup process.

Canon G6020 Printer Setup

The users are supposed to go through the whole setup procedure of the canon G6020 printer. Therefore, after completing the setup method, the printer is prepared to use. So, scroll down and follow the prompts described below to complete the setup procedure.

Turn “ON” Printer

  • In the preliminary stage, the users are thought to turn “ON” the printer.
  • Note: Make sure that one end of the power wire is plugged into the power hole and the other end to the canon printer’s behind. 
  • Next, prudently turn “ON” the working panel of the canon printer.
  • Now the users are advised to hit the “Power” button.
  • Next the users will be asked to choose the canon printer’s language as per their requirement.
  • Note: With the assistance of the steering keys, the users are advised to choose the canon printer’s preferred language.

Download Canon printer drivers

For the correct functioning of the canon printer, it is compulsory to download and install the newest and updated canon printer drivers. Then, the users are suggested to download and install the canon printer driver. So, scroll down and relate the steps kept below to download and install the canon printer drivers cautiously.

  • The users are initial recommended to open a web browser.
  • Next opening the browser, the users are recommended to visit the official website of the canon.
  • Visit website
  • Now, wait for the website to open.
  • When the website opens on the display, the users are suggested to tap on the “Setup” button.
  • After that the users are supposed to select the printer model from the given list.
  • Next the users are actual to click on the “Go” tab.
  • Now the users are mentioned to choose the region.
  • After this, the Canon G6020 Printer Setup window will open.
  • Next on that window, the users are recommended to tap on the “Download” option.
  • Now the “.exe” file will begin downloading on the display.
  • Formerly the users are suggested to follow the on-screen prompts to whole the canon printer download and installation process.

Install cartridge

The users will have to wait for the print carriage to develop steady. Consequently, after the print carriage becomes stable, the users are suggested to continue additional with the installation process provided below.

  • The users are first thought to remove the tape from the printer cartridge cautiously.
  • Note: Ensure not to touch the contact on the canon printer cartridges.
  • Next, the users are suggested to inset the black printer cartridge into the left slot and the colour cartridge into the right slot.

In the end, the operators are suggested to close the output cover of the printer.

Load the paper tray

  • The users are suggested to cautiously take out the paper tray and stop after they hear a click sound.
  • Next, the users are recommended to lightly slide the purple paper guide and move it to the right side.
  • Next, softly place the paper in the paper tray.
  • Note: Confirm not to surpass the maximum paper limit.
  • The users are recommended to regulate the paper guide through the paper edges to fix it.
  • Note: Check and verify that there should not be any determined paper for it will cause a paper jam problem.
  • Next cautiously placing the paper, the users are suggested to slide the paper tray into the canon printer softly.
  • Next, the users are thought to set the paper settings according to the printer exhibition’s requirement.

Hence, after successfully applying the steps provided above, it would have become simple for all users to whole the setup technique. Though, if any user still comes across any concern while execution the setup procedure, they are suggested to visit for assistance.

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